EPCON develops simulation models of process and piping systems to identify root-cause problems and determine the optimum solutions to achieve production goals at the lowest cost possible. We combine our fluid flow hydraulics expertise and ingenuity with advanced simulation tools, thermodynamic models, and accurate VLE data for analysis of both new designs and existing operations. Evaluation of 2-phase and choke flow conditions allows for identification and quantification of increased production possibilities.

The use of FRI's device rating program in FRI Column PRO provides the highest possible accuracy for analysis of packing or trays. Determine flooding and/or opportunities to improve throughput and performance including analysis of feed tray location optimization. Other process units such as compressors/turbines, hydrotreaters, separators, etc. can be modeled and diagnosed for current limitations and potential improvements. 

Process Engineering Capabilities:

  • Process Flow Simulation
  • Fluid Flow Simulation
  • Column Tray and Packing Hydraulics
  • Relief System Analysis and Design
  • Sizing for Columns and Column Internals, Reactors, Exchangers, Compressors, Turbines, Pumps, Piping, Valves, Flow Meters, etc.