Process Safety Study

Enhance Plant Safety

EPCON has been helping engineers with process safety since the 1980s, and we proudly continue that tradition through our process safety software. Our software will help you streamline your plant’s engineering processes and run simulations while putting safety first. Here are some of the things you can expect from our software.

Process Safety Evaluation Software

Our pressure relief valve process software conforms to both API standards and DIERS methodology. It identifies undersized relief valves, high back pressures, and excessive inlet pressure drops and mitigates any concerns.

It also calculates relief loads and analyzes the capability of relief devices and the inlet and outlet piping connected to those devices. Every relief valve’s calculation is documented, including calculations of assumptions and the overpressure scenario rationale for applicability.

Safety Testing Models

The software also evaluates the capacity of flare headers, their adequacy, and their backpressure. If the pressure is excessive, the software will report on it. Our software also acts as a process safety testing model that simulates flares and determines the Mach flow system choke point and the backpressure at every relief valve.

The process safety model determines if the flare system’s components are adequate, and it also analyzes radiation and dispersion.

The Benefits of Using Our Process Safety Study Software

EPCON’s process safety simulation software comes with many benefits. It is fully compliant with OSHA PSM standards, and its PSM documentation is up to date. It accurately designs relief systems to fit the current plant configuration and enhances process safety.

The software also keeps process safety documentation in a secure database for incident investigation. It is also very easy to update each MOC’s calculations and documentation.

To learn more about how EPCON’s process safety software will help you and your company, call us at 800-367-3585 or 281-398-9400 today. We look forward to working with you.