Powerful Features

FRI Column PRO was developed by EPCON working in cooperation with Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI). Column PRO automatically runs FRI’s device rating program for each column and stage when selected and matches stage pressure drops with column pressures.. The user only needs to specify the type of packing (structured or random) or the type of tray (sieve, valve, bubble cap) along with the column diameter and desired specifics of the packing or tray. The purpose of Column PRO is to determine the hydraulic loadings to prevent flooding while maximizing performance and energy efficiency.

Highly Accurate Results

The use of FRI’s device rating program in FRI Column PRO provides the highest possible accuracy for analysis of packing or trays. The graphical user interface of Column PRO uses the same award-winning Process Innovator sizing application interface as other widely used EPCON software products. Evaluate current column operations or design new columns to determine how to maximize overall performance. FRI Column PRO will be available for licensing in early 2020 by FRI members only.

CHEMPRO 10 Example

The first step is to draw a distillation column in the Process Innovator of CHEMPRO 10 as shown below. Select the property package that best matches the process conditions (Gas property package selected for this application).

Select the components in the system for further specification on feed streams. Next enter in the components for this simulation and then enter the feed stream conditions. Then enter the column specific data for this simulation including the feed stage number, number of stages, and other column inputs. Enter the type of packing or tray in the column along with the column diameter for determining the pressure drop on each stage. Many of the column internal device information is defaulted and can be modified to match the specifications of any column.

Then select the Simulate button to run the process simulation and FRI’s device rating program (DRP) simultaneously until the pressures for each stage match between the process simulation and FRI’s DRP. Then click on the FRI logo on the Stage by Stage Process Data title bar to see detailed column internal calculation results as shown at the beginning of this page.