Column PRO

Column Tray and Packing Hydraulics


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Column PRO™

is designed to be used by plant-based engineers to identify and flag column performance problems for follow-up and review by column experts. It can be challenging just to do a theoretical column calculation let alone a full column performance rating including hydraulic calculations for the packing or trays. Column PRO provides an easy and automated way to run both a theoretical simulation and hydraulic rating of a column simultaneously as shown in the steps below.


Use drag and drop

method or Speed Draw to draw the column, feed, and products on the Process Innovator canvas as shown above.


Choose the Property Package

such as Oil Systems, Gas Systems, Chemical Systems, etc. Each method can be modified as shown for Liquid and Vapor phases. Options include API methods, DIPPR methods, SRK-KD, PR, PRSV, Lee-Kessler, NRTL, etc.


Select components

from the AIChE DIPPR Database or specify any pseudo components as shown above.


Enter the mole fractions

of each component and the temperature and pressure.


Enter the number of stages

the feed stage(s) and the column theoretical specifications as shown above for the column type selected.


Enter the number of column zones

and then for each zone specify the column diameter and packing or tray type.


Select a column zone

and enter the data in the pop-up window for each column zone.


Select the Simulate button

on the right hand panel to run both the column theoretical calculation and FRI hydraulic computations for the packing or tray type selected. Select each column zone to view the FRI hydraulic computations. Stage pressures match between the theoretical and hydraulic computations.