Process Innovator – Design, Simulate, Analyze

Quickly design, simulation and analyze a simulation model for process or utility systems using this award-winning simulation interface

Become a Process Innovator

Request a demo and view our training videos to begin learning EPCON’s Process Innovator software to become proficient in the areas of process flow simulation, fluid flow simulation, process equipment sizing and physical properties

CHEMPRO – Chemical Process Engineering Suite

Combines fluid flow simulation, process flow simulation, and process equipment sizing in one unified software system.

Process Engineering Software

If you are creating or updating an industrial facility or want to increase production in yours, then EPCON’s process engineering software can help. Our software models and simulates real-world environments so that you can best understand how your piping system or process unit is running.

With decades of experience, EPCON has always been at the forefront of engineering software for piping and pump systems. We’re recognized in our industry, having received major awards in 1990, 1992, 1999, 2001, and 2013. Trust us to bring you modeling and simulation solutions.

Models and Simulations

Our software is perfect for the design stage of your facility. We can model your process and utility services to ensure that unit operation and process equipment components are the right size and work the way they should. These models also allow you to find any problems before installing the system so that you can be productive right after start-up.

We are proud to say that at EPCON, we were one of the first to create and use fluid flow simulation. These simulations show you what is happening with process and utility systems in your facility to minimize leaks and help insure design flow to all parts of these system.

Unit operations simulated by EPCON Software include columns and tray or packing internals, reactors, flash drums, compressors, expanders, interchangers, coolers, heaters, pumps, let-down valves, etc. We simulate flow in pipes for liquid and gases 2-phase systems and provide detailed sizing for pipes, pumps, exchangers, flowmeters, relief valves and control valves.

Software and More

If you’re not sure what you need for your facility, then contact EPCON. Our team is ready to find the right solution for you. Get in contact with us by calling 800-367-3585 or 281-398-9400. You can also email us about our process engineering software at

Engineering Software

Process Innovator


Quickly design, simulation and analyze a simulation model for process or utility systems using this award-winning simulation interface.



Combines fluid flow simulation, process flow simulation, and process equipment sizing in one unified software system



EPCON pioneered the concept of Fluid Flow Simulation over 25 years ago and SINET is the most widely used in industry due to its ease of use, computational power and value

Column PRO


CHEMPRO links with Column PRO to automatically run FRI’s DRP computations for packing and tray hydraulics to rate column performance (



The computational engine in PRV PRO has been widely used in industry for over 30 years and includes integrated scenario management, 2-phase flow and flash computations.

API Data Book


The industry source for refinery thermodynamics with over 60 years of API research to provide accurate analysis of process systems in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries

Modeling Services

Process Units


Determine hydraulic limits on critical separation columns, analyze compressor efficiencies to avoid mechanical failures, perform plant wide steam balances, etc.

Cooling Water


Hydraulically analyze complete cooling water distribution systems and determine low cost solutions to achieve design flow in all critical exchangers

Instrument Air


Hydraulically analyze complete instrument/plant air systems including a leak survey to determine the root cause of low pressure and flows and lowest cost solutions



Hydraulically analyze complete each steam system pressure level and condensate systems including a leak survey to determine to conserve energy and water

Fire Water


Hydraulically analyze complete fire water systems to determine low cost solutions to achieve required system performance and ensure plant protection

Process Safety


Analyze pressure relief valves to confirm sufficient capacity for all credible relief scenarios and determine minimum required backpressure for proper flare system design


EPCON has a proven track-record of enabling engineers to simulate, analyze and optimize process and utility systems. Improve yourself and your company with EPCON Software.

EPCON past accomplishments and software development history:

Engineer's Aide

EPCON released Engineer’s Aide in 1985 – an integrated suite of process engineering software applications for sizing piping and pump systems which is included in SINET and CHEMPRO.


First introduced in 1995, SINET includes Fluid Flow Simulation and sizing of pumps, miscellaneous process equipment, control valves and flow meters for liquid and gas systems


CHEMPRO was first introduced in 1997 including flash/mixture computations. Version 10 released in 2020 includes Process Flow Simulation™ and is integrated with Column PRO

API Data Book

The API Data Book Software was first introduced by EPCON in 1998 with version 11 released in 2019. Includes 15 chapters of API research over the past 60 years and 20 software programs.

Industry Awards

EPCON’s software and modeling services received industry awards in 1990, 1992, 1999, 2001, and 2013 for Engineer’s Aide, SINET, CHEMPRO, and the Process Innovator simulation interface.

Modeling Expertise

EPCON has significant expertise in the modeling of hundreds of process and utility systems since 1997 that we share with our customers to help them achieve their goals using our software.

Corporate wide licenses

Corporate wide licensees of EPCON Software are shown below (partial list).

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